So how much does Airport Parking at Montreal Trudeau cost?

Airport Parking at the airport starts at $23/day (Econopark P8/P9) and up to $42/day. While Parking near the Montreal YUL Airport starts at $7.25 per day.

How do I choose the right airport parking option?

With such a wide range of parking options and rates, choosing the right airport parking solution can be overwhelming. After all, what good is cheap parking if it means you will miss your flight? And the 2 hours you waited for the airport shuttle really worth the $80 you saved on parking? What if you had to remove snow from around your vehicle? How important is parking proximity to the terminal?

Those are legitimate questions and balancing the trade-off between savings and peace of mind can be challenging. Luckily, we have some experience with this and we have a few tips to help you choose the right airport parking option whether you’re flying out of Montreal Airport or anywhere else.

  1. Distance to the airport: This is usually not an issue. Unless the parking lot is more than 10 minutes from the Montreal airport and there is a risk of traffic jams (on either the 40 or 20 highways) then proximity to the airport is something to consider
  2. Shuttle Frequency: While this is often a source of complaints, it is usually not considered a deal-breaker. Nobody likes to wait, but our experience with off-airport parking operators around Montreal Trudeau International Airport is that shuttle service to the airport is usually prompt. It is the pick-up that is sometimes an issue. Although that’s not a huge problem when you’re back as you don’t risk missing a flight, it can be annoying to have to wait longer than necessary to get picked up. That is why you should look at customer reviews at parking locations. If the airport parking rates are very low but shuttle is unreliable, consider paying more for an uber to get you back to your vehicle on your return. It might still be worthwhile. One of our staff once travelled for 3 weeks, parked at a rate of $6/ day (saving at lease $200 on airport parking) and took an Uber back to their car upon arrival because they did not feel like waiting 20 minutes for a shuttle. That is a personal choice
  3. Unexpected issues: Some airport parking locations just have problems more than others. A phone that doesn’t ring, a missing shuttle driver, a scratched vehicle, etc. Those are usually obvious from the reviews and ratings. Don’t just look at google reviews as they sometimes only represent disgruntled customers. Look at websites that actively collect reviews from all their customers, such as
  4. Price: This one is easy – the lower the better as long as there are no major issues. In any case, always plan well ahead, make sure you have the parking address on your navigator (google maps or otherwise) as you don’t want to miss your flight

Travelers from the Greater Montreal are can choose to fly form a number of airports to fly from, but not enough long term airport parking solutions. Other than Montreal’s own YUL Trudeau airport, travelers can drive up to two hours to Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport or cross the US border to fly from Plattsburgh, NY or Burlington VT airports.

For the savvy traveler, this could translate into hundreds of dollars worth of savings on each trip. While Montreal YUL serves an impressive 143 destinations globally, having one of the most expensive airport fees for airlines means sometimes you overpay for a trip. That said, Montreal YUL also offers some low cost destinations through airlines such as SunWing, Westjet, WOW (starting in May 2016) and – naturally – the Montreal-based Air Transat.

As for nearby alternative airports to Montreal, Plattsburgh, NY houses Allegiant Air, Pen Air and Spirit AirlinesBurlington, VT airport houses Allegiant Air, Porter Airlines and Jet Blue, among others.

The main worry for people who would like to save through airport browsing is that the transportation/parking costs offset the initial savings. This is no longer a concern thanks to innovative, affordable airport parking solutions, allowing drivers to use cheaper alternatives and capitalize on their savings. For options to stay the night before leaving your car at the hotel parking and getting on your flight, check out

Whether you are looking for airport parking only or a package that includes a room night at a premium airport hotel with several days of parking for free, there is always a solution. Some airport hotels offer valet parking, while others give you the option to park indoors or in a covered area. Those options can come in handy in extreme seasonal weather like snow in Montreal or extreme sun and heat in July.

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